Lucy Tauber Lucy Tauber

“Waste” is a freestanding section of a building made entirely out of materials found either in skips, on the street or on community websites. Standing over 2m tall and 1m wide, the work represents part of a sculptural building and it celebrates the necessities of creative re-use, self build and imagination. ‘Waste’ is a colourful vision of a sustainable future in which nothing is wasted, difference is valued and stories are communicated through the built environment.

“As a Londoner, living and working in The City Fringe, I have seen buildings spring up at an extraordinary rate. The public is a consumer and in many cases we are being fed a fast-food architecture that has been designed at arms length and lacks vision, individuality or familiarity, infact anything that says ‘this is who we are’ and ‘this is where we live', we need to explore new more imaginative approaches, particularly within this economic and environmental climate. We need to personalise our built environment, not homogonise it.”