Lucy Tauber Lucy Tauber
Lucy Tauber Architects were invited to compete for the redesign of the back bar and restaurant area at Shoreditch’s famous Cantaloupe bar and restaurant.

As one of the oldest premises in the area, the front bar area of the Cantaloupe represents all things that are associated with the brand; it is natural, accessible and friendly and offers something down-to-earth yet worldly. Proud of its unselfconscious environment, the venue was struggling to entice people into the rear seating area.

As a later addition to the premises, the back area had a considerably more contemporary design. The polished concrete floor, fitted plywood furniture, stainless steel fittings and glass screens created a distinct contrast to the look and feel of the front area. Lucy Tauber decided to remove these contemporary elements and create an aesthetic that was more in keeping with the original and much loved identity of the place.

The refurbishment works included design and installation of furniture and seating throughout, the installation of a new dispense bar and the extension of an existing mural. LTA also introduced a series of platforms to integrate the raised restaurant better with the other areas. A new lighting scheme was also introduced; clusters of vintage fittings above sofa’s and tables, to add to the intimacy of the space and to create a more human scale. The walls were also lined in a reclaimed timber board to again soften the appearance of the warehouse shell.