Lucy Tauber Lucy Tauber

Due to the quality and significance of the residential flat in Onslow Gardens significant historical study was undertaken to help define the design approach, and find evidence to present to the Conservation Officer at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea supporting the clients desire to knock through a partition creating a single as opposed to 2 bedroom flat.

In parallel a study was carried out of the existing interior to date the detailing and ensure original fittings and features were maintained, if not enhanced during the refurbishment.

The project then continued with two priorities; firstly to return the flat to its 'prime beauty' by removing new partitions and suspended ceilings in part. And secondly, to make the new interventions, that provide the central and existing services to the flat including the bathrooms and storage, appear as single ‘box’ form to have a contemporary identity and appear visually removed from the existing envelope.

By taking this approach, the contemporary and traditional work were given strong visual languages of their own, which would compliment and enhance the qualities of one another.