Lucy Tauber Lucy Tauber

The refurbishment of the former Loch Fine and the conversion of the premises into a steakhouse and winebar for Monkeynuts was a challenge; with a limited budget, Lucy Tauber Architects transformed the existing interior, reusing many of the existing furniture and introducing only a few newly designed elements to give a new identity to the original pieces.

The main installation revolved around the bar which lacked storage. The bar was extended and a large back bar display shelving unit was designed and fitted upon the existing back counter unit. A large high level table extended this surface to create and offered bar-style seating with the animated wine bottle backdrop. The original bar area was then refurbished to match the identity and finish of the new, integrating new and old seamlessly.

Character was brought into the space through the introduction of music-based imagery in keeping with the concept of the restaurant. Vintage light fittings and designer retro furniture added to the depth.

The colour scheme was based upon the branding and logo. Different shades and palettes were used to create separate atmosphere throughout the areas: the front bar, central seating area, and rear restaurant and to add versatility and choice in terms of the customers dining or drinking experience.