Lucy Tauber Lucy Tauber

Architect Lucy Tauber’s design has transformed a derelict post office in East Finchley into a craft bakery. 

With a new shop front and a series of modernist interventions within a highly resolved interior space, customers and passers by can see glimpses of bakers at work.

“We wanted to expose the process of baking and create a shared space where customers would feel free to ask questions, share recipes and tips.” 

Lucy Tauber opened up the maze of back rooms to reveal the bakery to the street. A series of bespoke elements made using traditionally industrial materials such as blockwork, steel and ribbed glass act to conceal, divide and connect the interior spaces.  

Hand-made cement tiles soften the impact of these strong geometric elements, introducing colour and pattern reminiscent of 1920’s Parisian patisseries. Reclaimed teak counters provide a tactile display surface and act as a backdrop for often instagram’d pastries and cakes.

“In the end I think we found the essence of Margot’s creative identity and used it sparingly. We managed to say a lot with very few words so the baking itself could do the talking”

“Margot has been embraced by the community and the conversation comes easily because nothing is hidden. The experience for the customers is warm and welcoming; they enjoy spending time here and they feel at ease. The transparency of the design influences the nature of the interactions that take place over the counter; they are more personal and rewarding. The care taken with the baking and the beauty of the tiles and the counter is apparent and the customers respond in kind.” Michelle Eshkeri,  Margot’s Founder and Baker.

photographs by Ed Reeve