Lucy Tauber Lucy Tauber

Feasibility study for the change of use of a 2 storey (ground floor and basement) warehouse in Islington.

The client invited Lucy Tauber to provide plans to convert the complex interior of rooms and corridors to create a dining experience on the ground floor and jazz club in the basement with an emphasis on private hire spaces.

The proposed scheme placed a grocery in the front entrance of the building in order to create an all day space that would invite a variety of people into the building and broaden the of trade beyond diners. A cafe complimented this space, and created a starting point in what would become a series of pocket dining areas until the fine dining restaurant was reached at the rear of the building. The intention of creating this series of  experiences aimed to give purpose to and animate a journey through what was ultimately a deep space to the fine dining restaurant and wc's, and enable the operator to open spaces as the venue increased in capacity.

An outdoor terrace was proposed in the rear yard through a raised decking, to create a relationship with the interior and broaden the client offering.

The design of the basement again had to create space from a large open narrow plan. The design focused on creating a series of spaces that would amplify the sense of a jazz club; intimate in scale, focusing on a long service bar with the option of standing room and more intimate stage side cocktail tables.

Means of escape were taken into account from an early stage and incorporated into the layout drawings.